Raíces Peruanas of Los Angeles

It was the love for the land of our birthplace and unsettled sentiments of continuance that filled our hearts when leaving our land for this land of greater opportunities, and which motivated our spirit to put together our popular customs, songs, music and traditional folkloric dances of our beloved Peru in far South America. Once done, we then assumed the great challenge to disseminate our culture through the execution of this blend of dances, music and culture. In 1989, the Espejo sisters Doris and Jeanine, who where then 6 and 4 years old, began to learn and practice the Peruvian dances under the direction of their dance teacher and choreographer Rosagna Sanchez during the first 8 years. Now, years later, Jeanine continues to learn and perform the native dances with enthusiasm and enjoyment. In 1995, Raices Peruanas grew stronger when Margott Hinostroza, Maria Luisa Alvarado, Julie Shimabuco, Maria Lilet Burmester, Walter Almora, Edwin Delgado, Jose Elorrieta, and Henry Aquije, became members and the pioneers of this dance group. It was through the effort of the Espejo family then, that the group Raíces Peruanas was established in Southern California, leaving audiences at awe for the beauty and professionalism they portray at each of this group’s performances, uniting people and hearts in this multicultural land. Doris and Jeanine were the first children to participate in this group, and later in 1996, at age 4, their younger sister April joined them. The three sisters are all U.S. born of Peruvian parents. Currently other young people of the Peruvian community in Los Angeles are also part of the group, promoting thus the participation of youngsters in art and culture.